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Celia B. (1959)
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Celia B (1961/06)
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Celia B (1961/06)
  IMO: 5066944  
Builder:William Gray & Company Ltd.Location:West Hartlepool, EnglandHull #:1143
Keel Layed:Launched:1942/10/24Commissioned:1942/12
As builtType:1 Triple expansion steam turbine engine (20", 31" & 55" x 59")Output:9.5 Knots
Manufacturer:Central Marine Engineering Works - West Hartlepool, England
As builtLength (oa):99.9 m (327.75 ft)Gross Tonnage:2953
Length (lbp):96.1 m (315.33 ft)Net Tonnage:1785
Beam:14.2 m (46.5 ft)Dead Weight:4645
Depth:7.0 m (23.0 ft)Displacement:
Draft:5.5 m (18.0 ft) 
Owner HistoryFleet History
British Government1942/121946
Stanhope Steamship Company Ltd. - EnglandJ.A. Billmeir & Co. Ltd. - England19461951
Williamstown Shipping Company Ltd. - EnglandComben Longstaff & Co. Ltd. - England)19511954
Jansens Rederi A/S - NorwayIngvar Jansen19541959
Marine Ventures Corporation - Liberia19591963
Prymo Meltemi Compania Naviera S.A. - Liberia19631964
Angelmar Shipping Company Inc. - Liberia19641969/06
Name HistoryRegistration History
Empire Record1948
Elisabeth Jansen1959
Celia B.1963
Saint Mary1964
Sea Maid1969/06
NumberPortCall SignMMSIFromUntil
UK 168950 West Hartlepool, England GUGD 1942/12 1948
UK 168950 London, England GUGD 1948 1951
Bergen, Norway LMFB 1951 1959
1368 Monrovia, Liberia 5LYY 1959 1969/09
Description/LocationScrapped at Bilbao, Spain by Hierros Arbuli
Arrival at Yard1969/06/11Beached:Work Began:
LostLost her propeller and suffered serious damage as a result - subsequently laid upDate:1965/01/07


Jul 16, 2021
4:15 PM
Blt in 1942 at Hartlepool, U.K. Ex Elisabeth Jansen-59, Yorkbrook-54, Stanway-51, Empire Record-48. Renamed Saint Mary-63, Sea Maid-64. On June 6, 1969, arrived under tow at Bilbao to be broken up. In the Seaway also as SAINT MARY, first transit in 1963.
Posted by: René Beauchamp