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Transit Reports for: Welland Canal (2022-09-23)

Up Bound Vessels

 IMO/MMSINameFlagEntryTransit DescriptionDeparture
 9314600Florence SpiritCanadaFrom Hamilton, Ontario in ballast bound for Detroit, Michigan01:30
 9773387Algoma IntrepidCanadaFrom Johnstown, Ontario with stone bound for Port Colborne (wharf 12) - secured at wharf 2 from 12:20 until 17:15 to take stores and fuel from Sterling Energy - secured at wharf 12 at 10:00 after turning out on Lake Erie - departed in ballast at 12:25 sailed down to Port Robinson then turned and headed back up the canal bound for Nanticoke, Ontario16:20
 9442249AlgoterraCanada01:50From Sydney, Nova Scotia in ballast bound for Nanticoke, Ontario - fuelled off Bronte from Sterling Energy11:25
 6714586John D. LeitchCanada03:50From Hamilton, Ontario in ballast bound for Goderich, Ontario - started upbnd from Port Weller anchorage13:15
Wilf Seymour 
Alouette Spirit 
08:00From Oswego, New York with aluminum billets from Seven Islands, Quebec bound for Toledo, Ohio - diverted to Toronto 22/pm due to high NW winds19:50
 9665279CSL WellandCanada08:55From Montreal in ballast bound for Thunder Bay, Ontario18:25
9766188Federal MoselMarshall Islands11:30From Oshawa with a partial cargo of steel products bound for wharf 6 in Thorold, Ontario - secured there at 20:45
 9507611FloretgrachtNetherlands13:45From Valleyfield, Quebec with containers and general cargo from Antwerp, Belgium bound for Cleveland, Ohio
7901148OakglenCanada19:35From Sorel, Quebec with titanium slag for Ashtabula, Ohio
 316001878SeahoundCanada19:40Departed wharf 6 in Thorold at 19:40 after assisting FEDERAL MOSEL and secured at wharf 18.1 in Port Colborne at 21:45
 7711737Algoma TransportCanada23:30From Hamilton, Ontario in ballast bound for Toledo, Ohio - stopped at wharf 16 from 09:00 until 18:20

Down Bound Vessels

 IMO/MMSINameFlagEntryTransit DescriptionDeparture
 6800919Tim S. DoolCanadaFrom Thunder Bay, Ontario with wheat biund for Port Cartier, Quebec01:30
 9393163TuftyCyprusFrom Thunder Bay, Ontario with potash bound for Montreal then on to Brazil02:25
 6804848FrontenacCanadaFrom Fairport, Ohio with salt bound for Johnstown, Ontario04:30
 7711737Algoma TransportCanadaFrom Toledo, Ohio with coal bound for Hamilton, Ontario07:20
 9127186Algoma HansaCanada01:50From Nanticoke, Ontario with heavy fuel oil bound for Tracy, Quebec11:15
 9866744Federal FraserMarshall Islands04:45From Toledo, Ohio with grain bound for Montreal then on to Cartagena, Spain14:30
 9814052Le Dumont D'UrvilleFrance05:20From Sault Ste. Marie and Detroit with passengers bound for Toronto - stopped at wharf 16 in Port Colborne from 05:45 until 09:15 to disembark passengers - stopped at wharf 2 at Port Weller from 19:30 until 20:00 to re-embark the passengers that went ashore for the day20:15
 9639880Whitefish BayCanada05:40From Indiana Harbor, Indiana with petroleum coke bound for Seven Islands, Quebec20:30
 316001878SeahoundCanada13:00From Port Dover, light tug bound for wharf 6 in Thorold to assist FEDERAL MOSEL - arrived at wharf 6 at 16:00

Additional Information

MOLLY M I departed Green Bay, Wisconsin this morning at 09:30 with the retired steamer S.T. CRAPO in tow destined for the Marine Recycling scrapyard in Port Colborne - approximate etas - Bluewater bridge 07:00/26, Port Colborne 29-30 - all weather dependent..

PELEE ISLANDER at the Heddle shipyard since 22:00/7 for drydocking for her 5-year survey and minor repairs

BURCH NASH at the Heddle shipyard since 13:30/8

ANNIE M. DEAN, DEAN SCOW No. 40, CANADIAN JUBILEE and DEAN SCOW No. 109 at wharf 6 in Thorold since 9/16 and 9/18 for several months for a dredging project alongside wharf 6 and old wharf 7 for the Hamilton Oshawa Multimodal port development

REDHEAD anchored off Port Weller piers since 01:00/17 where she’ll await orders.. She still has a partial cargo of steel aboard however no destination is yet known for her remaining cargo.. It had previously been destined for Cleveland..

BLACKY anchored off Port Weller since 17:1516 awaiting dock space at Redpath in Toronto, Ontario

LEA ATK anchored off Port Weller since 15:00/22 awaiting dock space in Clarkson - departed today at 03:15

ATLANTIC SPIRIT anchored off Port Weller since 18:00/22 to await dock space in Clarkson

BOGDAN anchored off Port Weller today at 12:15 to await dock space in Toronto

LAKE ST. CLAIR anchored off Port Colborne since 02:15/19 from Cleveland, Ohio awaiting orders