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Cape Grenville (1981/02)
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Cape Gwadar (1984/11/03)
  IMO: 7233072  
Builder:Haugesund Mekaniske VerkstedLocation:Haugesund, NorwayHull #:45
Keel Layed:1972/08/01Launched:1972/11/11Commissioned:1973/01/27
As builtType:2 Stork Werkspoor 12TM 410 medium speed enginesOutput:12000 bhp (8827 kW) - 15 Knots
Manufacturer:Stork Werkspoor Diesel B.V. - Amsterdam, Holland
As builtLength (oa):162.87 m (534.4 ft)Gross Tonnage:14651
Length (lbp):153.9 m (504.9 ft)Net Tonnage:10051
Beam:22.92 m (75.2 ft)Dead Weight:24035
Depth:14.05 m (46.1 ft)Displacement:
Draft:10.4 m (34.1 ft) 
Owner HistoryFleet History
Cape York Motorship Company Ltd. - Glasgow, ScotlandScottish Ship Management Ltd.1973/011982/01
Lyle Motorship Company Ltd. - Glasgow, ScotlandScottish Ship Management Ltd.1982/011984/02
Ocean Shelf Trading Inc. - Panama1984/021984/06
Paget Shipholding Ltd. - Panama1984/061985/04
Cape York Shipping Company - Glasgow, Scotland1984
Ocean Shelf Trading Inc. - Panama1985
Name HistoryRegistration History
Cape Grenville1984
Cape Gwadar1985
NumberPortCall SignMMSIFromUntil
357494 Glasgow, United Kingdom GRHP 1973/01 1984
12948LI Panama, Panama 1984 1985/05
While underway in the Persian Gulf (27.32N/50.30E) on 26 March 1985 she was struck in her aft quarters by an Iraqi, exocet air-to-surface guided missile and severely damaged.. A fire erupted in her engine room which was later extinguished by salvage tugs about 12 hours after the attack. Her crew was rescued by the U.S.Navy and Saudi Arabian military helicopters and safely delivered ashore at the Saudi port of Jubayl.

News reports from the time indicated that while she was underway in the Persian Gulf she was well outside Iraqi contested waters and that the attack was likely a mistake. Nevertheless, she was declared a constructive total loss shortly thereafter and was sold for scrapping a short distance away in Pakistan. (Los Angeles Times / Miramar)
Description/LocationScrapped at Gadani Beach, Pakistan by Habib Maritime.
Arrival at Yard1985/05/18Beached:Work Began: