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  IMO: 5270739  
Builder:American Ship Building CompanyLocation:Lorain, OhioHull #:387
Keel Layed:1910/05/10Launched:1910/07/09Commissioned:1910/08/23
As builtType:1 Triple expansion engineOutput:1880 ihp
As builtLength:176.8 m (580.0 ft)Gross Tonnage:7514
Breadth:17.7 m (58.0 ft)Net Tonnage:5803
Depth:9.8 m (32.0 ft)Dead Weight:
Year: 1916Length:176.8 m (580.0 ft)Gross Tonnage:7215
Breadth:17.7 m (58.0 ft)Net Tonnage:5505
Depth:9.8 m (32.0 ft)Dead Weight:
Change Description:New forward sections were constructed by Superior Shipbuilding (Superior, Wisconsin) as Hull #524. Launched on September 9, 1916 and commissioned on November 18.
Owner HistoryFleet History
Interstate Steamship Company - Cleveland, OhioH. Becker1910/081911/03/31
Roy M. Wolvin - Duluth Minnesota1915/11/241916/01/11
American Interlake Line1916/01/111920/12/16
Pioneer Steamship Company - Cleveland, OhioHutchinson & Company1920/12/161962
Redwood Enterprises, Ltd. - Port Credit, OntarioN.J. Reoch19621970
Marine Salvage, Ltd. - Port Colborne, Ontario1970Scrapped
Interstate Steamship Company - Cleveland, Ohio (Jones & Laughlin Steel sub)1910/081911/03
American Interlake Company - Duluth, Minnesota (Canada Steamship Lines sub)1916/111920/12
Pioneer Shipping Ltd. - Montreal, Quebec1920/12/161962
Redwood Enterprises Ltd. - Hamilton, Bermuda19621970
Name HistoryRegistration History
NameCall SignUntil
William C. Moreland1916
Sir Trevor Dawson1920/12
Charles L. Hutchinson1951
Gene C. Hutchinson1962
US 207851 Duluth, Minnesota, United States 1910/08/23 1911/03/31
US 214499 Duluth, Minnesota, United States 1916/11/18 1920/12/16
US 214499 Fairport, Ohio, United States 1920/12/16 1932
US 214499 Wilmington, Delaware, United States 1932 1962
Br 316355 Hamilton, Bermuda 1962 1967
316355 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1967 1970
On the William C. Moreland's fifth trip, the ship was stranded on Sawtooth Reef (near Eagle River, Michigan) in Lake Superior, on October 18, 1910. The crew became disoriented in heavy haze, caused by forest fires; while downbound with Iron ore from Superior, Wisconsin. The ship was abandoned, as a constructive loss. Reid Wrecking Company (Sarnia, Ontario) were awarded the salvage and the ship was refloated on june 30, 1911, but sank. The ship broke into three sections. The bow and middle sections were lost. The stern section was refloated and towed to Portage Lake Harbor, Michigan. In September 1913 the stern was towed to Ecorse, Michigan and then to Port Huron, Michigan in October; where it was scuttled in shallow water.

On November 24, 1915 the stern section was sold to Roy M. Wolvin, who resold it to American Interlake Line on January 11, 1916. In May 1916 the stern was towed to Superior, Wisconsin; where a new forward section (identical to the original) was constructed by Superior Shipbuilding Company. The ship returned to service in December 1916.
Description/LocationScrapped at Cartagena, Spain.
Arrival at Yard1970/06/08Beached:Work Began: