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Bulgarian Shipping Company expands its lakes fleet


Navigation Maritime Bulgare (Navibulgar) - The Bulgarian Shipping Company embarked on a fleet renewal and expansion program several years ago and the ships of the new class have begun making their appearances in the Great Lakes..

Beginning in 2021 KOM, the first ship in the new 20,850 tonne class, made her debut in the lakes passing St. Lambert lock in Montreal on 18 November bound for Hamilton with her first cargo of steel products. Several days later on 22 November the third ship in the new class, BOGDAN made her first inland voyage also carrying steel products for Hamilton, Ontario. This year, 2022 the second ship, PERELIK made her first inland voyage passing St. Lambert on 24 April with a cargo of steel products for Hamilton, Ontario.

VERILA and VEZHEN entered service several months ago while SHIPKA departed the shipyard in China just recently bound for Pyeongtaek, South Korea where she loaded steel products. She is presently (26 September 2022) bound for the Panama Canal and possibly the Great Lakes on her maiden voyage. In the coming months/years 6 more sisters will be delivered to the fleet.. They are all being built at the Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. yard on the Yangtze River in Taizou-Jingjiang, Jiangsu, in central-eastern China.

Completed -
KOM (IMO 9905708) hull #2019-1285
BOGDAN (IMO 9905710) hull #2019-1286
PERELIK (IMO 9905722) hull #2019-1287
VERILA (IMO 9905734) hull #2019-1288
VEZHEN (IMO 9937270 hull #2021-1338
SHIPKA (IMO 9937282 hull #2021-1339

Yet to be completed -
MUSALA - hull #2019-1376 - delivery 2023
SLAVYANKA - hull #2019-1377 - delivery 2023
KOZNITZA - hull #2022-1449 - delivery 2024
KAMENITZA - hull #2022-1450 - delivery 2024
SAKAR - hull #2022-1451 - delivery 2025
MURGASH - hull #2022-1452 - delivery 2025