......Ship & Boat Delivery and Crewing

I'm Captain Paul Beesley. I hold a Transport

Canada Master Mariner's Certificate

of Competency* with over 30 years of

sea-going experience from Cadet to Master.

My Certificate is current with all required

STCW endorsements.

Additionally, I have a valid General Operator

Certificate (Radio), a valid Ship Security Officer

Certificate and a current Canadian Passport.

Areas of work include the Great Lakes,

the East Coast of Canada and the Arctic.

I am a non smoker.

For more information please contact me at:

Paul Beesley

18 Biagi Court

St Catharines, On Canada L2M 7Z6

Canadian Cell: 905-941-2266

US Cell:  207-653-0755

e-mail: shiphotos @ hotmail.com

* This Certificate allows me to Captain any ship,

any size, anywhere in the world, subject to national statutes.

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